I have been researching disused cinemas throughout Ireland. These once-lavish buildings form part of many main streets around the country, serving as relics of a different age.

I am drawn to these very particular architectural forms, which evoke abandoned film sets, standing alone, like wooden cut-out props. These buildings constitute a certain paradox: on the one hand, they are incongruous in that they are iconic monoliths, whose classic grandeur is out of step with the rest of the main street. On the other hand, they are oddly generic: they are remarkably similar to each other, both in their formal design and in their current state of decay; it is as though you could pick one up and put it down in another town, like a miniature model.

With their single large screen and cavernous auditorium, they provided the setting for a collective community experience that was replicated in a nationwide cultural pattern. In exploring this theme, I created a series of screen-printed drawings/collages on thick gesso boards.

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